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Dec 2015
McKenna Road is now an ATV Route, which will take you to the ATV trail heads!




June 2013
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July 2012
We are now offering a two bedroom mobile home for rent! Included is 2 full size beds sitting at the campground with a view of the pond. The mobile home has a refrigerator, stove, microwave and washer & dryer. It also has a window air conditioner and satalite TV. Rates can be found here.



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Located in the heart of Wisconsin Cranberry Country, the recreation and relaxing potential is limitless. Come and stay with us on your vacation and get to know what growing cranberries is all about. Cranberry Cabin offers great accommodations for a family vacation or for the outdoor enthusiast who enjoys fishing, hunting, canoeing, hiking and biking or just watching wildlife.


Cranberry Cabin is located 20 miles north of Tomah, 20 miles from Black River Falls and 9 miles north of Warrens in Wisconsin.

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